why_do_I_want_to_be_richWhy do I want to be rich? I’m not sure if it’s rich that I actually want to be. Rich can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. If you ask someone who just lost their job and is on unemployment what rich is their answer is going to be a lot different than someone making $100,000 a year! The rich that I would like to be is not living pay cheque to pay cheque. Being home everyday. Watching my little boy grow up. Being able to provide for my family. Having nice things but not going over the top. I used to have a Camaro a few years ago, I would like to splurge on one of those again. Above all else being home with my family takes the cake though.

What do I think it will take to get rich? Right now I think it is going to take drive. It’s going to take discipline. Its going to take commitment. It’s not to be like those  things you see online claiming to make thousands of dollars a day for little to no work. They are all scams! I have fallen for those a time or two watching webinars and throwing money at magical offers believing I am one of only 7 people getting personal coaching from some self proclaimed internet guru. It’s all just bogus junk to get money into their own pockets. My best advice to anyone reading this is don’t fall for it! Making money is not that easy. If it were don’t you think a lot more people would be doing it? Falling for these scams will only empty your pockets into some scam artists pockets.

I have kind of strayed away from the main point of this post though so let’s get back on track. Why Do I want to get rich? Like I said before it’s for my family. I grew up without much money to spare and I want my kids to not have to do that. I want them to be able to go to school for whatever makes them happy. I want them to have a career they love and not just a job they tolerate. I want them to have a life they can enjoy to fullest. I want them to not have to struggle through their whole life. I want them to be happy. I guess I don’t just want this for my kids I want this for myself too!